We work for Clients whose one and only marketing tool is their website. That’s why we must work hard on it.

We started to prepare websites in the good old times, when everything was so simple, so clear and W3C valid… it was HTML. As the internet developed, we switched to CMS (Content Management System), to Drupal at first, and to WordPress lately (in 2015). We use CSS programming for styling – which means that we can modify nearly anything in a WordPress template.

So don’t be afraid that your site would look exactly like your neighbours’.

We work in WordPress CMS, and prepare smaller and bigger sites in WP and Woocommerce.

Good WordPress website

An average visitor would not think about the CMS with what your website was made. People are searching for INFORMATION, and clear navigation. We focus on the marketing message first.

Wireframe and design

Design has function on the web, and a website must be easy-to-use. Webdesign is not a piece of art – however it is good to have a nice design with quality photos. After agreeing on the functions and marketing basics, we prepare the so called wireframe, what reflects the sitebuild. It is the “figure”, and design elements are the “clothes and accessories”…

We set up the colour scheme, the style, the lettertype and the logo for the site. These details together with the wireframe determine the design itself.

If we design your website with this method, we start from marketing message and positioning and we build the site and design step-by-step, with you.

Design variants

If you have everything in your hand (logo, colours, text, photos etc.) we prepare 3 design variants for you. Afterwards we continue with the winning variant.

WordPress Woocommerce Webshop

We prepare webshops in WordPress Woocommerce, using ready plugins.

Ideal for starting an own webshop, using the most essential functions.