We strongly believe in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Marketing. There is no other way for a small company to be visible for its new customers.

What can we say about SEO what you cannot find in native SEO blogs?

Only our Hungarian SEO expertise. Hungarian is not a widely spoken language, on top of that we use different character sets. In one hand it is easier, but on the other hand many suggestions do not work in the Hungarian environment. We tried, we know.

However, we follow the worldwide SEO news and novelties in English (MOZ, SEO Roundtable etc.), and follow the advices where necessary.

Basically we follow the Google Guidelines and we work on the safe side to avoid even “grey hat” SEO.


Our vision of SEO | SEO in Hungarian

We like to think globally: being the first one in Google SERP (organic list) does not mean that you can make business of it – in Hungarian. Long tail keywords, rare keywords and synonims could bring business in English speaking world, but not in Hungarian.

Our Hungarian grammar structure differs from many other languages in the world, therefore content copywriting is a bigger challenge. You should be really an artist to overcome those language traps.

We teach SEO copywriting on trainings.

Our SEO services

SEO audit

We check the Page Authority and Domain Authority of the website, analyse the links, check the Page Speed and all the relevant information what should be done even before starting the SEO work. Bad history could destroy the future results.

SEO copywriting

Content is the basic for good SEO. Although we are not native speakers, we can advice on the content and check the keyword density in any languages. The Client can decide on what he/she wants: have our copy or write own copy.

SEO programming

We use Google friendly solutions, starting from responsive design to high speed design solutions.

Google “empire”

We use all the facilities in Google – Analytics, AdWords, Search Console, Maps, Google Plus etc. The Client can follow up the keywords and keyword ranking in web statistics.

Meta tag set-up

Although the good old meta tags are ignored by Google, we use them to give signs to Google robots that we use “white hat” methods only.

Keyword suggestions and analysis

After the analysis of rankings, website traffic and other elements and possibilities, we provide Skype consultancy for deeper understanding and avoiding reluctant paperwork.