We are a webdesign and SEO boutique studio in Budapest, Hungary, Europe.

We are native Hungarians, but let’s say our English is not bad. (Cambridge Proficiency C grade, yippeeee!) Actually, everything what we learned about webdesign, website usability, SEO copywriting etc. was just in English, as well as Drupal and WordPress tutorials… So don’t be afraid.

Who we are

sikermarketing are the two of us. We are a family company, a typical boutique agency. You can have a broader insight to our work if you take a look at our flagship website, sikermarketing.hu. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to translate all the articles and blog entries (over 200!), but you can have funny moments with Google Translator.

The two of us, Laci and Mara work together on webdesign and SEO since 2006. We learned together from scratch how to prepare a working website. “Working” means the marketing and business aspect… gaining new customers and establishing the possibility of starting a new business.

We prepared more than 75 websites during these years – all of them are handmade, unique and based on the marketing positioning of the owner company or the personal brand.

  • webdesign
  • copywriting
  • SEO
  • marketing
  • programming
  • site build
  • UX and usability

We are happy that we could help our dear Clients in their way to make their business stronger, make their name known as a personal brand or simply survive the difficult years of economical crisis.

As of 2016 we provide marketing and webmarketing trainings as well in our own facility, in the suburb of Budapest.

How we work

The first step is LISTENING. The best webdesign and website solution for the Client supports his/her business goals, positioning, marketing message. In many cases we have to set up the marketing basics (positioning, strategy, target group) for the Client – as they do not have their own marketing manager.

The second step is SUGGESTING. Based on our 10 years’ experience – not just in webdesign but in working with SMEs as well – we have a tried-out recipe how to launch and re-launch a company, a me-brand or a product range in the market, with a moderate budget. You have to be so sharply effective as a samurai sword. The ingredients are: clear marketing message, user-friendly sitebuild, quick and responsive design and perfect SEO.

The third step is FULFILLMENT. In a website development process we are colleagues for a month. Both of you and us must work hard on the website, and you have to rely on our advices. Normally we work via internet (even within Budapest) and Skype, and you can follow the development process.

Our milestones

2004 – start of marketing counselling

2006 – website development kick-off (already the two of us) in HTML

2007 – our flagship website, sikermarketing.hu started

2010 – Drupal CMS

2013 – responsive websites

2014 – our Kindle e-book available from the Hungarian National Széchenyi Library: “From guerilla marketing to the me-brand building”

2015 – WordPress CMS

2016 – Google AdWords exam passed

2016 – own trainings started

2019 – online trainings via online.sikermarketing.hu


We were extremely proud that simply because of our optimised websites, we were found by editors of Hungarian National Broadcasting and other TV channels, and were invited as experts.