Webdesign and Marketing Studio in Budapest

About Us

10 years of webdesign, SEO and online marketing experience

Who we are

We design websites since 2006. We have experience in HTML, CSS, Drupal CMS and WordPress CMS.

With our 20 years of marketing background we provide complete solution for our medium and small size customers: marketing strategy, website development, SEO and social marketing.

As of 2016 we are qualified Google AdWords consultants and have experience in Facebook campaigns.

Our trainings cover the most important topics for small companies in Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Basic WordPress Webdesign, SEO and Content Marketing.

Our trainings
Our trainings

How we work

marketing investigation

We start the design process with marketing investigation: what the marketing strategy, marketing positioning and main marketing messages are. Good website design reflects the brand and company characteristics and strenghts, therefore we msut build on it.

function balancing

The next step of website is defining the best mix of functions – what is a must and what is just nice-to-have. We advice the Client the ideal website functions as many of them cannot handle in day-to-day basis the most wanted functions.

webdesign and UX

User experience (UX) is in our main focus point: a well-built website concentrate on the visitor. He/she should find all the relevant information about the company, the products, the services, the prices etc.

A UX-designed website means easy-to-understand messages, clean navigation, visible key information, well-thought processes, clean and modern design.