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About us

Having a multinational marketing background - having held the position of product or brand manager with Knorr, Energizer, Ajax and Palmolive - helped a great deal in understanding the "satisfactory level of marketing investment". Therefore starting the SME marketing consultancy in 2004 meant that we had to find a low-cost but effective way of advertising. In 2006 we started to focus on website design and programming, because we understood that the Internet is the new media which can be the only way of advertising for small companies - such as ours.

Our milestones:

  • brand marketing experience (Knorr, Energizer, Ajax, Palmolive) - 1994-2004;
  • marketing journalist - from 2003 onwards;
  • marketing consultancy for SME companies (under the brand name of Market-IQ) - from 2004 onwards;
  • web design and webmarketing focus - from 2006 onwards;
  • first webshop launches - 2009.

We have been featured in the following media:

Echo TV (countrywide cable channel);

Tina Magazine (women's magazine);

Tina Magazine

Local on-line magazine.

Webdesign award

Website design, web copywriting and valid programming - making the whole thing work as a perfect website.

Our secret is that we are a small company, therefore we don't spend time on writing briefs and debriefs, and there are no misunderstandings between the designer and programmer, or the copywriter and the information architecture designer…

Every piece of our work is like a precious hand-crafted jewel. And we give you quality that we ourselves would expect if it were our own website.

We show all of the work via the internet even during the work process. You can get in touch with us via Skype: maraujvari.