Web design

Not ad, not art, not game - website design

Web design is not an advertisement, not graphics, not a minesweeper game for children. Web design is something like „applied art” injected into a software tool. Website designers often forget that they have to serve the visitor, not indulge their own tastes.

Website visitors must be able to

  • understand where they are
  • navigate on the site and find and use functions like send messages, download documents and images
  • read the information which was their reason for coming to the site in the first place
  • enjoy the layout, not wonder at the mess

Clients think that they must squeeze all of their advertisements into the first sight of their website and add their favourite music on top of that. But this is a very selfish way of thinking.

In webdesign we have our very strict rules:

  1. Planned white space - we don't overload the site with images, headlines, stickers and banners. A messy website will result in a high bounce rate.
  2. Good quality images - images sell the site in the first few seconds. We use royalty free images, always complementing each other to set up an overall harmonius picture.
  3. Readability - wherever we have plenty of text, people must feel comfortable reading through it all. Contrast and a readable font is a must.
  4. Matching colours - we use colour matching tools to sort out the best colours for background, text, headlines, etc.
  5. Design ratio - like the world famous renaissance painters and artists we calculate the golden ratio when we set up the layout.
  6. Flash, banners and pop-ups are banned - we don't use them, because these are the „killing factors” on top of which they are not effective. (This is based on our own experience.)

Website development brief

Before starting the website development we ask our clients to define the following:

  • What are your goals with the website?
  • Do your business goals and your webmarketing goals follow the same line?
  • Describe your target group in as much detail as possible!
  • What are your main products or services? Use your clients' words and way of thinking when your set up your list!
  • How many menus do you plan for the website?
  • Where are the points where you can imagine website development (adding new subpages)?

Result: nice, clean webdesign, logical architecture, understandable text

Webdesign doesn't end for us at the layouts, we make the websites visible for search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.) as well.