SEO - findability on the internet

What is SEO for us?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is simply visibility in the search engines. We don't use any „black hat technique” - techniques which are banned by Google. Our clients shouldn't be afraid that their websites are in a good position now, but in 2 weeks time they could be banned.

Our SEO work has 4 pillars:

  1. Valid programming in line with W3C standards.
  2. Web-copywriting and plenty of text on the website.
  3. Link strategy, but not link farming.
  4. Site architecture built-up keeping the purposes of SEO in mind.

The website programmer, the web designer, the web copywriter must work very closely together to get the best results. That's where we have a huge advantage as a small, family owned agency… As only the two of us are working on each site, we keep in mind all the relevant details.

Valid XHTML and PHP programming

Not just in Hungary, but even in the UK or US webdesign programmers don't pay enough attention to valid programming. They just don't like searching for mistakes, they use WYSWYG programs for editing and they don't really have a clue why it is so important. We tried. And we know exactly how important it is.

You can check any site (and any of our references) if you type the website address into the following box:


Writing for the web is something completely different from writing an advertisement or writing an essay or article. You have to keep in mind all your relevant keywords, keyword density and last but not least the way people read screens.

We start website copywriting by helping to define the marketing strategy of the company and the website bearing in mind the target group and the target group's language. People want to find answers to their questions on the internet, and the best websites satisfy this need.

Some key factors of good website copywriting:

  • well-organized content
  • short paragraphs
  • key message of the paragraph at the beginning of the line
  • title, subtitles
  • bold text used only sparingly
  • use of tables and images where appropriate

Link building

The best link is the link where you didn't do anything - just set up the site. People will find your website, read it, think it is reliable and relevant, and the link is ready to your website. It sounds easy, but takes years to reach.

Twitter, Digg it, Facebook, Stumble, Article Alley - only a few names with whom we have first hand experience. We kicked off our first viral marketing campaign as well, and thousands of visitors arrived to the site within a few days. We know which link is important and valuable - and which is not.

Site architecture

Site architecture means setting up a website with logical thinking and putting yourself into your visitors' shoes. The name of the buttons, the navigation, the required forms and registrations are very important areas of thinking if we talk about information architecture. It decides not just the usability characteristics of the site, but has an effect on the design as well in as much as the navigational bar is a design element as well.

There are several possibilities of search engine optimisation in good website architecture. The content of the site will determine the pages, the titles, the main keywords, good architecture will make it sure that visitors can find the answers to their questions.