Logo design

A logo can identify the company and the brand visually.

Therefore it must be:

  • clear as far as shape is concerned
  • readable
  • easily recognisable
  • relevant in shapes and colours
  • used for years in every form of communication
  • adjustable for use in all situations from business cards to billboards

The ancient logo was used by goldsmiths to identify their own works.

Logos have different types:

  • name logo: it uses only the name of the brand, with interesting font and colours (e.g. the Coca-Cola logo with its classic Spencer font, the Ford logo imitating handwriting)
  • symbolic logo: just a picture of the most relevant product
  • mixed: name and symbol together

Name logos - this is the type we believe has the greatest impact. Why?

Because today, when the number of brands increases at lightning speed, people won't pay attention to extremely sophisticated things, pictures, names etc. The simpler the better.

Some of our logo projects:

Modinfo logo

Modinfo Ltd. has supplied manual for teachers for years. As all of their books have blue covers, teachers know them as the "blue Modinfo books". In our logo design for them we used blue together with a$ symbol of a book. In the name we separated the part "info" to emphasize that these books provide very useful information for the reader.

Sikermarketing logo

Our main website's logo and until now our strongest brand uses yellow and bordeaux in order to put across the message that we are young but reliable, positive and focusing on the modern things like the web - with the ending .hu the country suffix.

Terci Pont logo

Terci Pont Ltd. has used blue and red as their corporate colours for years. Designing the logo for them meant that we had to separate them as much as possible. That's why we decided to put them completely apart. The font is fresh and modern, and doesn't have any other annoying graphics.

Cspp s Potty logo

The original logo was designed by the Pee&Poo brand. In Hungary we established a new brand (owning the webshop as well for selling the products), Cspp s Potty. The task was to adapt the original logo and follow all the important elements like fonts, corporate colours etc.

Alternativ Energia logo

Alternative Energy needed a modern font and leaf symbols to communicate their eco-friendly new vision.

ME logo

ME - The Hungarian Businesswomen's Association needed their image updating. We have choosen a very modern font and light orange to reflect this new era.